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Ricus Venter

Head of Personal and Commercial Short Term Insurance

I am a Branch Director and Financial Advisor affiliated with the attooh! Group of Companies, which delivers holistic, tailor-made and diversified financial planning solutions to individuals and companies on a national scale, including Offshore Financial Solutions, Employer Benefit Solutions and Short Term Insurance Solutions (Personal and Business). I also offer business assurance risk solutions such as Buy and Sell Arrangements, Key Person Cover and Contingent Liability Cover. 
The combination of my personal background, experience and qualifications enable me to provide you with expert financial advice and intermediary services. My objective is to guide you through your financial journey and to add considerable value to you and your family’s financial wellness. With the assistance of my proficient team of support staff, I am able to assist you in implementing a holistic plan to achieve your financial goals. 
I have been in the financial services industry since 2010. In this time I have held various roles at Discovery including Franchise Director since 2014. I hold BCom and BCom Hons degree and completed my Regulatory Exams (RE1 and 5). I continue to attend Continuous Professional Development Courses (CPD). In support of my belief that knowledge is power, I continue to keep up to date with the latest changes in legislation, taxation, products, practices and industry news. I strive to continuously improve my skills and knowledge in all aspects relating to the services and products that I advise on, ensuring that I offer the very best financial solutions to my clients. 
My affiliation with the Discovery Group allows my clients to continually receive the personalised solutions they need, as well as to reap the rewards of being a Discovery client, benefitting from Discovery’s dynamic product range and innovative rewards structure. I understand that in this volatile economic environment, it is important to stay focused, knowledgeable, and goal-oriented within every aspect of my client’s financial portfolio. 
My objective is to guide you, my client, to financial success by protecting you and your family, your business and employees, from expected and unexpected life events. I strive to add value, not only to your financial portfolio, but in every aspect of your journey towards financial freedom. Along with attooh!, I believe that success is based on the “fundamental principle” of adding value to the life of my client, which is why I am passionate about guiding you through your financial journey, helping you to achieve your financial potential and ensuring that you reach your future financial success. 

Our lives are filled with many unknown factors and the best way to protect ourselves, loved ones,  employees and our livelihoods are strategic solutions for custom insurance needs. My team and I are passionate about you and our promise to you is our continued support and protection.

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