Financial Wellness Workshop

Knowledge is the most powerful tool in managing your money.

The purpose of the workshop is to go into the details of what is involved in managing your money. The workshops are interactive and will also include a Q&A to ensure that all the concepts are being understood. 

Topics that will be covered are stated below: 

The role that money plays in our lives

Understanding the role that money plays. Why money should not define us? How to incorporate money into our own value system. What does it mean to be financially savvy?

What you earn

It’s all about developing good habits. Understanding the money road map. What you earn. Where it goes. The end results. Understanding your offer. Understanding your pay slip. Benefits – how they work and why they are important.

Saving and investing

The benefits of saving and why you can. The benefits of compound interest – practical examples to show the impact of compound interest. The many ways to start saving What investing is all about The link between your company benefits and investing for your future Retirement – it’s not what it used to be, how to approach it

Personal income tax

Understanding income tax. To submit or not to submit – the 4 simple rules. How to complete a tax return.


The starting point of becoming financially savvy. How and why to budget. The benefits of a budget. A practical session is included.

Credit and Debt

Understanding the difference between good credit and bad credit. Types of credit. How to manage your credit.


What to do with extra cash. Checking your statements. It’s all about the choices that we make.

“What If” File

– By Nikki Bush

Preparing for the unexpected and for potential disruptions in life is a tough conversation to have. But, the honest truth is, all of us will be faced with a ‘what if’ moment at some stage, when a loved one unexpected falls ill or dies. When you find yourself in such a position, the last thing you want to have to do is start searching for important documents from scratch, especially when you are in shock or in a highly emotional state.

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